How shared housing startups are earning millions?


When youngsters leave their homes to stand on their own feet, they need to nestle out from their parent's home. Being a fresher, they just start earning, so they cannot buy their own home initially. Instead, they try to share a flat or take a room in PG. paying guests is not that prevalent in Dubai and USA but in India, people think that PG is safer for their young adults. Nevertheless, what the youngsters find best for them is sharing a flat. Sharing a flat makes them have personality development and boosts them to develop self-dependent powers. The only handy thing that people are having is their smartphones. What could be better than launching apps that could allow youngsters to find a flat nearby for sharing? Shared housing has two-way hand benefit. One is you are just renting it not owning it, so a shared rent is given to the owner. All the maintenance cost has to be given by the owner. Second is you get the freedom to make your own decisions and learn the importance of being self-dependent.

In the USA, Starcity and Roomi startup have earned millions based on their usage in New York. Starcity gives furnished flats with organized food, outings and cleaning facilities to avail. In a city like New York or San Francisco, people get to the home late in the night so these hotel-like amenities work for them. Roomi allocates shared housing to working professionals. It also matches roommates and may include partitioned rooms or shared units for short-term rentals. They have to provide a marketplace near to the apartment. These Top Real Estate Mobile Apps Development Companies have earned nearly around$20M.

In Dubai, apartment sharing is the most common type of accommodation that the people look for. Flat sharing is particularly popular in major places of the city like Umm Suqeim, Deira, Emirates Hills, Bur Dubai, Sheik Zayed Road, Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. and Damac are two good applications for solving the purpose through iOS as well as Android app development. They have well-categorized options for renting, buying and even selling the flats. Moreover, being working in companies of Dubai, it's not a piece of cake to own a house. Thus, sharing is very much preferred. Damac also shows you the luxurious flats and apartments available with different development services owed along with a charge.

In India, Flatchat and CommonFloor are going perfectly with the flow. They are basically having flat locations in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi and many more popular Indian Cities. You will find 100 % verified flats here, no frauds. These mobile app developments allow you to share an advertisement with any relative or friend, who would be interested in sharing a flat. Flatchat allows the users to search for the flats as well as the flatmates whereas, CommonFloor allows users to find the flats and share it with friends. Both the mobile app development companies need to first verify the flats. Before they meet the owner, they discuss the terms and conditions regarding the flat.

Thus, everywhere across the globe, this trend of sharing the initial start of life is being carried out by freshly placed young adults. This, in turn, is leading these shared housing apps to earn millions. Mobile Application Development Services have made these apps to make you settle down and adjust in the new city easily. These types of Application developments help the user to save time and energy, thus eliminating the task of moving from door to door and finding your space.