In the words of Robin Williams, "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Either you are an aspiring mobile application developer, a budding entrepreneur or a just nonprofessional, unique ideas can happen to anyone. It, however, requires that extra farsightedness to recognize the opportunities lying in normal day-to-day activities to convert them aptly into workable business ideas. Especially for iPhone app development companies as well as android application developers, constant triggering the hidden grey cells of your brain can actually drop some interesting concepts to build an application. Which company can best exemplify the entire fact discussed here other than Uber?

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Commenced with a mere taxi booking application, Uber has gradually taken over most of the on-demand services available, beating out the rivals in the competition. But hey!! There are still few areas where Uber did not spread not spread its wings so far. On-demand services are expansive. In India, UrbanClap rules the market majorly. Deviating from the on-demand sector, if we turn our concentration to the other services such as job portals, payment, messaging and social media, even they present some opportunities irrespective of the fact that there are some big players already ruling them. But, of course, how can we forget Facebook, Whatsapp and Paytm.

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If you keep your eyes and ears open, there are endless tasks that require application-based services to shoulder the responsibility of the users. The busy scheduled modern lifestyle spares bare minimal time to spend in doing laundry, cleaning the house and kitchen, visiting the market to purchase groceries and even dropping by any salon for beauty treatment. We want all these services right at our doorstep by a mere touch of the smartphone. Definitely, quite a moment to grasp for the top mobile app developers like Fluper to design something new and innovative, something which is in high demand.

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Studying the market for on-demand services, the figures highlight the changing expectations of the users:

  • On-demand economy spend is nearly reaching $57 billion annually.
  • This sector is attracting nearly 22.4 million consumers annually.
  • 280 companies so far have entered the on-demand services catered across 16 industries.
  • Currently on demand companies managed to reach just 7% of the potential market so far.
  • 65% of the consumers think that on-demand service sector will continue gaining popularity for the next five years.
  • In the transportation sector, investments in on-demand services have tripled over the past 12 months.
  • 72% of Americans have already used on-demand services.

Companies like UrbanClap, Glam and Uber had the farsightedness to aptly recognize the true potentiality of such a market demand. However, the former has services distributed just within India, wherein Glam concentrated only on beauty, lifestyle and relationships. Uber, however, has started developing ambitious ideas to expand beyond the cab booking application it mere was initially.

However, drawing reference from Uber, the company has a strong international footing. Irrespective of competition from OLA and Lyft, it has managed to carve a niche for itself. An on-demand service provider, UrbanClap, is practically ruling the entire market of India. We can imagine how badly its business strategy will be impacted if the monopoly is snatched away by Uber?

Then again, if you are aspiring to design your very own mobile application structured on the similar business model as that of Uber, then this is the right time. Begin with a single market and then expand internationally- something, which Uber is doing.

Creative app development ideas for on-demand services:

  • Plumbing industry- In India, we have UrbanClap obviously. But we still do not have Uber anywhere for the plumbers. Definitely, this can be your app idea.
  • Beauty Salon- Agreed there is UrbanClap yet again for India and few small parlors. But none of the major players like Uber.
  • Laundry- Again India is blessed with UrbanClap. But did Uber think about it? NOT YET!
  • Doctors, Medicare, Health, and Fitness- Hello! Do we need to repeat yet again??
  • Courier Services- Deliver gifts and other items to surprise your near and dear ones. Something that Ferns and Petals does.
  • Electricians, Device Mechanic, IT and House Cleaning- UrbanClap is already ruling these niches as the monopoly player.
  • Pest Control- Major crisis troubling modern lives. An on-demand application can be a perfect fit here. Nothing can best address the issue other than a professional and well-trained team of pest control.
  • Groceries and House Items- Offcourse, we have Big Basket and Grofers in the market. Even small retailers have started venturing into application development services to sell groceries. Yet opportunity is still there.
  • Household Care, Child Care, and Parental Care- The fast city life has necessitated demand for services like babysitting, house cleaner and nurses for aged parents. Such professionals are hard to find. If there is a single application to provide us with such professionals on-demand can prove highly beneficial for app users. What do you think??
  • Massage Parlors and Beauticians- UrbanClap sends experts to buyers' home to give the professional care and wipe off the mess if created.
  • Few other services such as home tutors expert in teaching school courses and creative hobbies can definitely be of some help for city residents. Else, dial 'Just Dial'.
  • Movers and Packers- You have companies offering app services for shifting on-demand. But customers want a single application for all the mentioned tasks. You possibly cannot have the separate app for each service. Right?
  • On-demand Dates- Cool! Especially for those unfortunate ones who wish to celebrate V-day but not alone.
  • On-demand Finance help?- We need to collaborate with the banking institutions for this.

Summing Up

Whoa!! So many ideas...Right?? If you are planning to start a new venture, now is the time to hire dedicated mobile developers now and start your application journey. Before Uber or other big brands steal them away.